Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Positive Reinforcement? Movie?

New video of how Positive reinforcement can help ANY dog with ANY behavior issue ^  Go Check it out!

 YES you have read right! Roxy is going to be in a Promo of a movie called Dakota, which will be coming out in 2012. Director says IF everything goes as planned, Roxy will take the LEAD roll! So lets keep our paws CROSSED      .  

Bio of the movie:  the film is about Kurt Lawson, a man dealing with the responsibility of another man's death. Driving home from work one night, Kurt finds a wounded Husky on the roadside, and decides to take it home. In his depression and loneliness, he begins talking to it, telling it all his troubles. And then one day, the dog talks back..

Hope everyone is doing great, and a reminder for sat. There will be a VLOG up later on that night 

about the promo and how it went ! 


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