Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun With Roxy The Siberian Husky

Roxy has Grown Up So Fast.... As the Weeks and days pass Roxy Teaches me something new , Roxy made me the person i am today and i thank her ..
Siberian huskies are indeed One Of A Kind.
.Check Out the Video by Clicking Below
Fun With Roxy The Siberian Husky

Thank You Paris B. For This Wonderful Edit Of My Rockin Roxy :]

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  1. Awesome blog!! I can feel how much you love Roxy through your writing. My own girl, Arwen, was named Roxy when she came to us. We needed a fresh start, though, so we gave her the name Arwen like the elf princess in The Lord of The Rings. It fits her well ;)